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Demonstration Itinerary 29th October 2011 11am – 13:00

On Saturday 29th October, Fusion Martial Arts School will be hosting an Aikido Demonstration and FREE taster session by The Aikido and Samurai Arts Academy, which will include Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho and Aikido including forms using Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (staff). The Demonstration and FREE taster session will start at 11am and finish at 1pm.
To express your interest please contact Andy O’Brien at One to One Gym on 01443 841165 or call/text him directly on 07805 791260. The itinerary for the event is outlined below:
  •   Warm up and stretching

Warm ups stretches some ki exercises 8 directions.
2 Taijutsu (body arts)
Basic body arts.
a) Applications  b) projections
3 Advance techniques Dynamic projections
4) Suwari Waza (kneeling techniques 
Zage ikyo (ikkyo)
4 Weapons
a) Jo Kata (s) (wooden staff)
b)bokken Kata (s) (wooden sword)
c) Bokken against bokken
d) Jo against Jo
e) Jo taking
f) Jo defending
Live Blades
g) Tanto (Knife)
h) Sword  (Katana)
i)  Iai -Aiki – sword Kata (s)
j)  Iaido- sword Kata (s)

Break 10 min 

5) Shin Ki Tai Ho demonstration
a) Introduction
b) Kokyu (breathing) exercises
c) Shin-Ki-Tai Ho exercises
d) Solo exercises/techniques
e) Group/partner exercises/techniques
f)  Meditation exercises/techniques

6) Randori aikido – multiple attacks

7)  Kokyu Dosa – breathing kneeling exercises to cool down


Taster for Shin Ki Tai Ho

Taster Aikido

We look forward to seeing you there for what will be an exciting and interesting experience.


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Fusion Martial Arts School of Excellence is delighted to announce that the Aikido and Samurai Martial Arts Academy will be opening an Aikido Class at our Treforest Dojo on Monday 7th November 2011 19:30 – 20:30.

The classes are open to both members and non-members of One To One Gym and Fusion Martial Arts.

The class will be run by Sensei Laura Williams Shidoin 4th Dan 

Sensei Laura Williams has been practising Aikido seriously since 1988, although prior to this spent many years practising as a junior. Laura has studied under various European and Japanese Sensei’s (teachers) and has been influenced in her Aikido practice by Kyoshi Mike Williams Shihan, Shihan D G Jones and by Tesshin Hamada Hanshi- Chairman of the International Division of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. (DNBK Kyoto Japan)

She obtained her teaching qualification in 1994 which was soon followed by being Graded 1st Dan (black belt) in 1995 by the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society. Laura currently holds the grade of 4th Dan Aikido with the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society and Treorchy Aiki Ryu and is registered in Japan with the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai as a certificated Yudansha Aikido SanDan. (3rd Dan) She has also been awarded the title of Shidoin (Leading Instructor) by both Treorchy Aiki Ryu and Dai Nippon Butoku Kai. In addition to this, Laura is a Coach with the British Aikido Board and a Leading Aikido Instructor with Treorchy Aiki Ryu, and has over 17 years of teaching experience.

The Aikido taught at the Academy will consist of a variety of empty hand and weapon techniques which redirect an attacker’s energy in a controlled defence. Our Aikido is a dynamic living art but incorporates the training in Ki (internal energy/power) development. The style has been influenced by Kyoshi Mike Williams Shihan 7th Dan  Treorchy Aiki Ryu and Shihan G Jones of the Shin-Gi-Tai Aikido Society. Also, incorporated in the style, is the Traditional Budo (traditional martial arts) influence as taught by Dai Nippon Butoku Kai and handed down through the generations by various Masters of Classical Japanese BUDO.

Everyone is welcome to practice at the Academy, regardless of gender, age or disability, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced martial artist, Aikido is an art for anyone and as such we will cater for your needs. So if its fitness, self defence, a wish to stay healthy or just want to learn Aikido, then why not pop along to view Aikido first hand or contact us on:


aikidoandsamuraiarts@hotmail.co.uk 07813834878 or see our web site for further information http://www.aikidoandsamuraiartsacademy.co.uk/


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Our 21st Century lifestyle leaves very little “me–time” to relax, especially for those with busy, hectic working lives and families to care for.

Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho caters for people who lead busy lives and need to relax and unwind and offers a true feeling of well-being. It can be performed almost anywhere and is a fantastic way to start, break-up and conclude your busy day with light exercises and meditation techniques.

But what is Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho?

Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho is very prominent in the Japanese Martial Arts and roughly translated it means; the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit and is particularly emphasised within the Japanese Art of Aikido.

Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho consists of the following basic categories:

  • Ki Development Exercises – to develop internal power or “Ki” and the co-ordination of mind and body.
  • Kokyu Ho – Breathing exercises to develop abdominal breath power.
  • Ki Breathing – to enable one to meditate and centralise oneself and relax.
  • Solo Body Forms – Slow body movements (similar in nature to Tai Chi) based on the principles of Aikido to develop well-being, good health and to be in tune with nature.
On Saturday 29th October, Fusion Martial Arts School will be hosting a FREE taster session which will include Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho and Aikido including forms using sword and Bo (long stick). The FREE session will start at 11am and finish at 1pm. You are free to join and leave at any point during the session. A full and accurate itinerary will be online very soon.
To express your interest please contact Andy O’Brien at One to One Gym on 01443 841165 or call/text him directly on 07805 791260.

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Take a look at our new and updated class timetables. Now even more great classes to get you into shape. Why not challenge yourself and try something new and exciting today!

The timetables have classes aimed at all levels and abilities. If you’d like further information about a particular class please speak to an instructor who will be happy to recommend classes to suit your requirements.

Download Timetables Here:

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One to One Gym’s company vehicle recently had its very own workout and make-over to hone its body and pump up its wheel rims into a true muscle-car. With our logos and tag-lines of,  “Inspiring Fitness for Life” and “One You – One Life”, as well as an image of a very, or rather, ‘well’ fit young lady emblazoned across its sleek bodywork, we’re hoping that the mere sight of our ‘Ripped Ride’ will inspire even more of you to join our One to One Gym family and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


To further encourage you to get fit for life we are giving 100 of you the opportunity to get a FREE! 7 Day pass to take full advantage of the superb facilities and classes at One to One Gym. Should you then decide to join on one of our excellent membership options we will waive our joining fee.

To get this fantastic offer all you have to do is look out for the One to One Gym ‘Ripped Ride’, approach our tame driver (it’s OK, he doesn’t bite) and quote our tag line of “ONE YOU – ONE LIFE” to him. The vehicle will be parked up in various locations throughout the RCT, Caerphilly and Cardiff areas over the coming weeks.

One to One Gym Ltd Inspiring Fitness For Life

This offer is not open to current members of One To One Gym Ltd. Offer does not include F.C.S. Atomic Membership scheme.

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Around 18 months ago on a miserably wet  and freezing cold Monday evening in January 2010, Fusion Combat (then One On One MMA) held it’s first ever class to a packed out attendance of four people! Within six months three of those attending on that first night; Daniel Otley, Gavin Quirke and Barrie Livock bravely stepped into the ring for their very first fights, at semi pro level, with both Barrie and Dan winning. By this time the class had slowly trebled in size to twelve.

How times change!

A few of those original members have fallen away but Fusion Combat School now boasts over sixty members, including a growing junior section – Daniel Otley is one of the hottest young professional fighters in the country – Lewis Long, another incredibly talented young pro has come on board – FCS has a back room team of Diet and Strength and Conditioning guru’s to rival any premiership football team and on Sunday 27th June Fusion Combat was able to field an eight man team in Falcons MMA’s excellent Grapple and Strike tournament.

The majority of the guys fighting were complete novices and each and every one of them performed superbly with Daniel Thompson one of FCS’ newest young fighters getting an excellent win. Gavin Thomas, gave an outstanding performance which was voted by our lads as the fight of the day (click on link below).


In July 2011 our current batch of excellent Junior members will be the first to attempt the Fusion Combat grading system and take their first step on the way to a coveted Black Belt! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish them all luck.

So from very humble beginnings indeed, Fusion has grown and continues to grow into a Martial Arts Club with true strength in depth. True strength in depth in that the majority of our members do not choose to fight, the majority of our members want to learn a martial art as a means to attain fitness, for self-defence, for something exciting and different from the usual forms of exercise. They are the ones who travel to each and every Fight Night and tournament, giving those that choose to compete very welcome and very vocal support; they are the ones that turn up at 6am in the morning and 6pm at night; they are the beating heart of Fusion Combat without whom we could not survive.

They are our Strength In Depth.

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South Wales Scorpions Rugby League team recently took advantage of a free weekend to come along to Fusion Combat School and practice some ground technique and have roll with one of the country’s rising MMA stars, Lewis Long. This was then followed by a grueling hour of  MaXfit MMA conditioning training. FCS coaches, Andy O’Brien and David Thomas were very impressed with the way the Scorpion players wholeheartedly applied themselves to all aspects of the session and with their impressive fitness levels.

We hope they visit again soon.

Below is the news article from the South Wales Scorpions website about their visit to Fusion Combat and One To One Gym.


South Wales Scorpions took advantage of their week off from Co-operative Championship 1 action by having an intense Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) session at the Fusion Combat School in the One to One gym in Treforest last Saturday morning.

The Scorpions take on Keighley Cougars at Caerphilly RFC this Sunday (kick-off 3pm) and they believe that this intense MMA session has helped them in both their fitness and Rugby League techniques.

“We had the MMA session at the One to One gym in Treforest on Saturday which was really tough,” said Scorpions’ skipper Aled James. “There was a lot of wrestling and a lot of grappling. It’s a new technique for us which was good to try out.

“We did a full MMA circuit which was tough so, even though we didn’t play a full 80 minute Rugby League game, it wasn’t really a week off for us.

“I think the boys came out of it a lot better because they had to buy in to it, compete and basically be honest with each other. It rounded off a good week of training for us to be honest.

“We did a lot of Muay Thai and Cage Fighting and a lot of it is wrestle techniques which helps our game of Rugby League. Obviously we can’t choke people out on the field but it’s more the process of putting people on their back and keeping them there and how to counteract people trying to put you on your back so it was really positive.

“It’s more the wrestle in the ruck and controlling the ruck area. There are some little techniques that you can use to get out of certain holes that we can incorporate in our game hopefully on Sunday. We’ll touch base on that again this Saturday and make sure that those techniques are well-drilled in the players’ mindsets.

“We’d like to thank Dave Thomas the owner of the Fusion Combat School in Treforest, Andy O’Brien the instructor and Lewis Long the MMA champion for all of their help and instruction last Saturday.”







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