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Strong is the New Skinny

Strong is the New Skinny


We at One to One can help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. 


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1. STANDARD MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT = £29.99/month + £20 Set Up Cost.


NO MINIMUM CONTRACT, Unlimited access 7 days a week, Classes Included



2. OFF PEAK MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT = £19.99/month + £20 Set Up Cost


NO MINIMUM CONTRACT. 8am – 4pm Unlimited Sat & Sun.



3. STUDENT MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT = £24.99/month + £20 Set Up Cost


NO MINIMUM CONTRACT, Unlimited access 7 days a week, Classes Included



4. CORPORATE MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT = £19.99/month + £20 Set Up Cost


NO MINIMUM CONTRACT, Unlimited access 7 days a week, Classes Included



5. CORPORATE YEARLY = £225 One Off Payment, No Set Up Cost


Unlimited access 7 days a week, Classes Included



6. STANDARD YEARLY = £295 One Off Payment, No Set Up Cost


Unlimited access 7 days a week, Classes Included



7. STANDARD QUARTERLY = £90 + £20 Joining Fee


Unlimited access 7 days a week.

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One to One Gym’s company vehicle recently had its very own workout and make-over to hone its body and pump up its wheel rims into a true muscle-car. With our logos and tag-lines of,  “Inspiring Fitness for Life” and “One You – One Life”, as well as an image of a very, or rather, ‘well’ fit young lady emblazoned across its sleek bodywork, we’re hoping that the mere sight of our ‘Ripped Ride’ will inspire even more of you to join our One to One Gym family and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


To further encourage you to get fit for life we are giving 100 of you the opportunity to get a FREE! 7 Day pass to take full advantage of the superb facilities and classes at One to One Gym. Should you then decide to join on one of our excellent membership options we will waive our joining fee.

To get this fantastic offer all you have to do is look out for the One to One Gym ‘Ripped Ride’, approach our tame driver (it’s OK, he doesn’t bite) and quote our tag line of “ONE YOU – ONE LIFE” to him. The vehicle will be parked up in various locations throughout the RCT, Caerphilly and Cardiff areas over the coming weeks.

One to One Gym Ltd Inspiring Fitness For Life

This offer is not open to current members of One To One Gym Ltd. Offer does not include F.C.S. Atomic Membership scheme.

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Around 18 months ago on a miserably wet  and freezing cold Monday evening in January 2010, Fusion Combat (then One On One MMA) held it’s first ever class to a packed out attendance of four people! Within six months three of those attending on that first night; Daniel Otley, Gavin Quirke and Barrie Livock bravely stepped into the ring for their very first fights, at semi pro level, with both Barrie and Dan winning. By this time the class had slowly trebled in size to twelve.

How times change!

A few of those original members have fallen away but Fusion Combat School now boasts over sixty members, including a growing junior section – Daniel Otley is one of the hottest young professional fighters in the country – Lewis Long, another incredibly talented young pro has come on board – FCS has a back room team of Diet and Strength and Conditioning guru’s to rival any premiership football team and on Sunday 27th June Fusion Combat was able to field an eight man team in Falcons MMA’s excellent Grapple and Strike tournament.

The majority of the guys fighting were complete novices and each and every one of them performed superbly with Daniel Thompson one of FCS’ newest young fighters getting an excellent win. Gavin Thomas, gave an outstanding performance which was voted by our lads as the fight of the day (click on link below).


In July 2011 our current batch of excellent Junior members will be the first to attempt the Fusion Combat grading system and take their first step on the way to a coveted Black Belt! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish them all luck.

So from very humble beginnings indeed, Fusion has grown and continues to grow into a Martial Arts Club with true strength in depth. True strength in depth in that the majority of our members do not choose to fight, the majority of our members want to learn a martial art as a means to attain fitness, for self-defence, for something exciting and different from the usual forms of exercise. They are the ones who travel to each and every Fight Night and tournament, giving those that choose to compete very welcome and very vocal support; they are the ones that turn up at 6am in the morning and 6pm at night; they are the beating heart of Fusion Combat without whom we could not survive.

They are our Strength In Depth.

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What an amazing night at the NABBA Wales contest. On Saturday 14th may, One to One gym member Nathaniel Rose, of Glyntaff, was named Mr Wales 2011 in the annual National Amateur Bodybuilders’ Association (NABBA) contest .

Nathaniel will now go on to compete in the NABBA Britain Finals 2011 at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre on May 28. We wish you all the best Nathaniel.

As well as this amazing success, Staff member Rhian Adams-Jones also won the Miss Wales title on her first attempt!

Gym member Jonnie Reid got 2nd in his class, Dai Fitzpatrick 3rd – AWESOME RESULTS!!!

NABBA LogoNABBA Logo Landscape

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Very exciting changes happening at One to One Gym this week. Our One Cafe is now open and will be marked with an official opening some time in the very near future so keep eyes and ears open as there will be some fabulous taster sessions involved, a chance for you to tuck-in to some of the amazingly delicious food we have to offer.

Now for the difficult part…what to choose from the menu first, hmmm!

Download Full Menu (pdf)

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Welcome to One to One’s Blog.

As Summer is quickly approaching there are new and exciting things happening at the gym that we’re dying to tell you about.

Firstly, as of the 1st May all Studio Classes will be free, yes, FREE, to full One to One Gym members! Come along and support the great classes we have on offer. If there are any classes or different times you would like to see on the schedule please feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll look to accommodate all requests if possible.

We have also appointed top chef Anthony Howells, who will be responsible for getting our One Cafe up and running, producing nutritious meals, with an outstanding customised menu and fantastic meal deal options just for you.

Subscribe to this blog to be notified of the new and exciting developments happening at One to One Gym

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