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Demonstration Itinerary 29th October 2011 11am – 13:00

On Saturday 29th October, Fusion Martial Arts School will be hosting an Aikido Demonstration and FREE taster session by The Aikido and Samurai Arts Academy, which will include Shin-Ki-Tai-Ho and Aikido including forms using Bokken (wooden sword) and Jo (staff). The Demonstration and FREE taster session will start at 11am and finish at 1pm.
To express your interest please contact Andy O’Brien at One to One Gym on 01443 841165 or call/text him directly on 07805 791260. The itinerary for the event is outlined below:
  •   Warm up and stretching

Warm ups stretches some ki exercises 8 directions.
2 Taijutsu (body arts)
Basic body arts.
a) Applications  b) projections
3 Advance techniques Dynamic projections
4) Suwari Waza (kneeling techniques 
Zage ikyo (ikkyo)
4 Weapons
a) Jo Kata (s) (wooden staff)
b)bokken Kata (s) (wooden sword)
c) Bokken against bokken
d) Jo against Jo
e) Jo taking
f) Jo defending
Live Blades
g) Tanto (Knife)
h) Sword  (Katana)
i)  Iai -Aiki – sword Kata (s)
j)  Iaido- sword Kata (s)

Break 10 min 

5) Shin Ki Tai Ho demonstration
a) Introduction
b) Kokyu (breathing) exercises
c) Shin-Ki-Tai Ho exercises
d) Solo exercises/techniques
e) Group/partner exercises/techniques
f)  Meditation exercises/techniques

6) Randori aikido – multiple attacks

7)  Kokyu Dosa – breathing kneeling exercises to cool down


Taster for Shin Ki Tai Ho

Taster Aikido

We look forward to seeing you there for what will be an exciting and interesting experience.


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One to One Gym’s company vehicle recently had its very own workout and make-over to hone its body and pump up its wheel rims into a true muscle-car. With our logos and tag-lines of,  “Inspiring Fitness for Life” and “One You – One Life”, as well as an image of a very, or rather, ‘well’ fit young lady emblazoned across its sleek bodywork, we’re hoping that the mere sight of our ‘Ripped Ride’ will inspire even more of you to join our One to One Gym family and embrace a healthier lifestyle.


To further encourage you to get fit for life we are giving 100 of you the opportunity to get a FREE! 7 Day pass to take full advantage of the superb facilities and classes at One to One Gym. Should you then decide to join on one of our excellent membership options we will waive our joining fee.

To get this fantastic offer all you have to do is look out for the One to One Gym ‘Ripped Ride’, approach our tame driver (it’s OK, he doesn’t bite) and quote our tag line of “ONE YOU – ONE LIFE” to him. The vehicle will be parked up in various locations throughout the RCT, Caerphilly and Cardiff areas over the coming weeks.

One to One Gym Ltd Inspiring Fitness For Life

This offer is not open to current members of One To One Gym Ltd. Offer does not include F.C.S. Atomic Membership scheme.

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